The following documents define the competition rules for our series. It is your job to read and understand these before competing.

As of 2020, the SKUSA rulebook will be the competition rulebook for TSRS. The IKF rulebook will cover any class rules not outlined by SKUSA. All operational rules such as flags, starts and penalties will be taken from SKUSA rulebook. SKUSA rulesbook section 307.15 on chain guards will apply to all classes. Any rules specific to micro/mini will also be applicable for ALL cadet classes. See Class Structure Tab for specific class information and specs.

•  SKUSA Competition Rules [SKUSA Website]
•  Official IKF Rules and Updates [IKF Website, scroll to bottom of rule page for Honda Kid Kart addendum]
•  Pre-Tech Inspection/Certification Form [PDF] (updated February 2021)
•  Engine and Chassis Sealing Procedures [PDF] (updated November 2021) All chassis and engines (except Kid Kart engine) MUST be sealed for each event, seal will be provided.
•  Points Guidelines [PDF] (updated November 2021)