Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to your most common questions.

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2024 Costs

Number Reservation $50
Series Packages (Driver Pit Pass Not Included) Available November 6-January 22 ONLY:
206, Swift, KA $1186 (5 races with 1 set of Evinco Blue Tires)
Shifter Series Package $1196 (5 races with 1 set of Evinco Red Tires)
Kid Kart Series Package $1010 (5 races with NO tires)
Driver/Spectator Annual Hard Card $180 (All TSRS run events in 2024, including IKF Grands)
Race Entry $225 (Does NOT include Driver Pit Pass)
Late entry fee $100(Beginning Monday 12:01am race week or at track walk up)
Practice Day $100 (NOLA only, all others set by host track)
Tires MSRP set by Evinco (One set required to be purchased at the first race attended per class in 2024)
Sunoco Fuel MSRP set by Sunoco
Elf Oil MSRP set by Elf
Pit Pass/Wristband $60 (Fri-Sun) $40 (Sat-Sun) $20(Sun Only) (Sold at each gate, required for anyone on the premises)
Transponder Rental $50

Any Drivers who Purchase the entire TSRS series package (all 5 races) are eligible for a $50 discount to IKF Grands

Select Individual Event from drop down for specific Event Information

SKUSA Membership required for all Microswift, Miniswift, KA, and Shifter Classes. Renew or obtain here. 206 and Kid Kart classes are not currently required to obtain any SKUSA/IKF membership at this time.


All registration and prepurchase of items will be on Please only create one account for each family/driver. Once you complete your registration changes will be locked. If you need any additional items please reach out and we can help to update your needs as available. Due to shipping times TSRS will begin limiting tires and fuel to on hand up to 12 calendar days prior to each event. Orders up to this point will be unlimited.

Series Package holders will have access to edit their registration and add to their series entry for each event. Please be sure to add everything you need as once your entry has been edited it will lock to additional changes.

If you have any issues please reach out to TSRS or raceselect and we will get you squared away.

Event Timeline

Tracks will be closed for setup Monday-Thursday, no practice available

Thursday – Move in, Pit Parking (NO PRACTICE)
Friday – Unofficial Practice (Run by host track, except NOLA)
Saturday – Warmup, Qualifying, 2 Heats
Sunday – Warmup, 1 Heat, Final

Pit Requests

All Pit requests will be completed through the registration process. Price per space will vary based on location and size of spaces, see event registration for actual prices per event. All spaces will be a minimum of 10ft wide, depending on pit setup they many not be pull through or have back access. Most common space sizes will be 10x40ft and when possible longer spaces of 10x50ft will be offered. Please read Pit Maps carefully before selecting your rows/spaces. If you are looking to pit near friends please have one person select spaces for the entire group. Tow vehicles and passenger cars are not allowed in the paddock and at no point will cars be allowed in and out privileges during the event.

Spec Tires

TSRS requires the use of EVINCO tires for all official sessions. Rain tires must be MG WT Tires. Please visit our Classes page for specific size and compounds by class. All tires will be scanned at tire desk prior to qualifying and filled in on pretech forms. TSRS requires one set of tires to be purchased from TSRS at each drivers first race of the year, after that tires may be sourced elsewhere but must be correct spec size and compound. (Use of corresponding MG compound will only be permitted during unofficial practice days).

Spec Fuel

All drivers will use spec Sunoco Fuel. TSRS will have available for purchase through registration during early registration and limited availability on site. TSRS will sell smaller quantities of fuel (1 gal) to kid kart drivers only onsite at the track.


Please see TSRS Rules Page for specific guidelines and rulebook links.


All seals for engines, tires and chassis will be scanned at tire desk prior to qualifying each event. If you did not purchase your tires from us you will need to bring race tires to tire desk to be scanned in order to receive your engine and chassis seals prior to drivers meeting. Any changes to scanned items after initial scanning will be approved and completed by tech officials only.

Additional Questions

If you have additional questions please feel free to reach out at

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