Summer Shootout at Amarillo 2023 Race Report

We want to thank everyone that attended for helping to make another record-setting event for TSRS. After subtracting those that weren’t able to make it or had other issues, our entry count was officially 184! The weather cooperated immensely by dropping about 10-15 degrees from the previous week and we were all able to focus on laying down some fast laps and good competition.As most of you know, we announced our 2024 race dates and a few of the locations. Expect to hear more from us in the coming weeks/months as we finalize the venues for the TBD events.

A special thanks goes out to the owners and staff at Amarillo Kart Center for everything they did to make this TSRS event another memorable one. The number of facility improvements and amenities made the weekend run very smoothly for the most part and we look forward to being back next year!
This weekend was not without issues though, and we want to address some of those here and now. TSRS strives for transparency and fairness while providing its customers with a high-caliber racing experience and quality track-time. With that in mind here are some things you as our customers need to know.

Saturday night weather moved through the area and the resulting moisture/condensation on Sunday morning wreaked havoc with the TSRS Intercomp Scales. After several attempts, it was decided that the only choice was going to be to use the Amarillo Kart Center scales for Sunday’s events. After getting the AKC scales assembled, they were tested. When placing the 50lb. test weights on the scale, they were noted as weighing 51lbs. each. This difference, while not optimal, was the best we could do based on the fact that the TSRS scales might not be dry until well into the Heat 3 races. Much to everyone’s displeasure, this meant that some of the heavier classes were now coming across the scales at 10-15 lbs. heavier than Saturday’s weights. TSRS always wants to be as fair as possible to all of our competitors, so MANY options were weighed as a fix to this difference but continuing with the AKC scales was deemed the fairest under the conditions. Looking at the results across several classes (especially the ‘heavier’ classes, almost all competitors turned BETTER lap times in their Heat 3 and Mains than on Saturday. This speaks volumes to the fact that racers can (and will) drive though perceived obstacles and overcome!

Aggression on the track and in the pits…
Racing, like many hobbies is fueled by passion. Passion seemingly makes the impossible, possible. But passion can also make people do things they should never do to the people around them. Physical confrontations, verbal confrontations involving disrespect & cursing, and post-event Social Media rants are ALL considered Unsportsmanlike behavior at TSRS events (and virtually every sport). We want to remind all competitors that these things are very well spelled out in the TSRS/SKUSA rules and will not be tolerated. Sadly, during this event, we were forced to remove one competitor from competition for physical aggression. Now, post-event, in different classes and on different topics, we have had to remove or instill probation other ‘attendees’ and ‘competitors’ for violations of these rules. We take no pleasure in this action, but we try to make TSRS a safe, and enjoyable racing series for everyone to enjoy. To that end, know that we will investigate any competitor, mechanic, Team Principal, parent or spectator for abuse, regardless of their team affiliation or perceived status. The staff at TSRS may wear shirts of the same thread and color, but we all strive for fairness and we will not tolerate anyone attending them being disrespected or treated unfairly.

Briggs Tech:
One particular racer this weekend was DQ’d after the Main for a non-compliant engine component in one of the Briggs categories. The competitor was obviously not happy, but another competitor decided they needed to get involved. We generally don’t address these issues in public, but after much discussion in the Tech Area post-race, multiple Social Media posts across several platforms, and many private messages, TSRS feels that we should give this person the attention they seemingly want.

This person took it upon himself to try and defame and discredit the TSRS Tech staff with all kinds of misinformation regarding this DQ. With claims of our staff not having tech tools, not using tech tools, and snide remarks like ‘calibrated finger’ was used to tech the head, we felt that his actions were initially funny, but ultimately showed his lack of knowledge about the DQ and about the tech procedure that was followed. Here’s the written rule that was violated:

Section 21 Item b:
The transition from intake bowl to port must have factory defined machining burr at this junction.
No addition or subtraction of material in any form or matter.
No alterations of any kind may be made to the intake.

Of note, upon sliding a finger into the port… This particular head had NO BURR.

This person, in his ignorance of the subject, on multiple sites and platforms INSISTS that this has to be checked w/Briggs A6 ‘No-Go’ gauge. The reality of that claim is that if the A6 gauge was able to engage the burr, by nature of being a ‘no-go’ gauge, the head would already be non-compliant. Briggs and Stratton has been brought into this situation and has backed our tech crew completely.

We look forward to seeing many of you at the next event at Rimrock Raceway in Odessa in just a few weeks. We are excited to have our inaugural event there August 4-6, 2023.